Meet gay truckers

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The idea of the cruisy truckstop is a thing of the past. Is there any truth to the rumor that blue running board lights or a purple cab light signify that a trucker is gay? There are huge problems with obesity, high blood pressure and diabetes related to the sedentary nature of the work.

Meet gay truckers

We all human to stronghold in mind that a go-cart arrest or a respite Area is a topographic point of public. I returned to college and got my degree through the creative writing program at Seattle Pacific University where I was the first openly gay graduate of that program. It is not a free-wheeling adventurous, romantic life.

Meet gay truckers

Meet gay truckers

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  1. There is a great gay resort in Oklahoma City called The Habana Inn that is popular with gay truckers and ranchers.

  2. Even the minority of truckers with medical insurance are often not covered when they are out of state.

  3. It has some serious problems involving health and medical care. Anderson knows the realities of gay trucker life beneath its eroticized skin.