Maryland same sex november 2008 vote

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We've shown we can win the freedom to marry with the support of both Republican and Democratic legislatures. It passed in November , again banning same-sex marriage in California. Political consultant Frank Schubert, a leading strategist for campaigns against same-sex marriage in California and elsewhere, said such polls are misleading, and he asserted that same-sex marriage would be rejected if a national referendum were held now.

Maryland same sex november 2008 vote

We've shown that we can win the freedom to marry in legislatures. Ramirez and Benjamin S. In Minnesota, voters will be deciding whether to approve a gay-marriage ban similar to those in the other 30 states.

Maryland same sex november 2008 vote

Maryland same sex november 2008 vote

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  1. But for now, there remains a gap between the national polling results and the way states have voted.

  2. August through November Montana Supreme Court rules that the gay and lesbian partners of Montana University employees have the same right to health insurance benefits as their heterosexual counterparts. December Vermont Gov.

  3. It took effect on Dec. Over the past year, there has been a stream of major national polls indicating that a majority of people support same-sex marriage.