Marge and homer have sex unrated

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The Times' James Bone said that it "boasts the same sly cultural references and flashes of brilliance that have earned the television series a following that ranges from tots to comparative literature PhDs". Pinsky, author of The Gospel According to The Simpsons, said the film "treats genuine faith with respect, while keeping a sharp eye out for religious pretension and hypocrisy of all kinds". Brooks directed them for the first time since the television show's early seasons.

Marge and homer have sex unrated

In addition, the film parodies two major contemporary issues, religion and environmentalism. List of The Simpsons cast members For inspiration for the crowd scenes in the film, the production staff referenced a poster featuring more than Simpsons characters.

Marge and homer have sex unrated

Marge and homer have sex unrated

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  1. Brooks invited back Mike Scully and Al Jean who continued to work as showrunner on the television series to produce the film with them.

  2. And it boasts slicker animation and polished writing that hearkens back to the show's glory days.