Managing female sex slave command tasks

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Managing female sex slave command tasks

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Managing female sex slave command tasks

Managing female sex slave command tasks

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  1. Gripping the seat tightly, bent over, she hung her head and waited…submissively. Everyone chatted amiably, a dozen nude slaves waited on us all, Terry seemed to have decided she was assigned to Steven as she hovered over him solicitously but with expert training unobtrusively.

  2. It hung from two thin straps on my shoulders, covered only the bottom half of my breasts, and came only a fraction of the way down my thighs.

  3. One, a tall, statuesque blonde wearing a translucent white minidress, was named Eva; the other, a half-Asian with black hair and deep green eyes, wearing a black lace bra and panties, was named Melissa.

  4. Iris, the quiet but friendly violinist; Stefan, the doctor in a local hospital; Frank, the tall political activist I had secretly admired. I tried to pull my wrists apart and felt the links of chain joining them go taut.