Man has sex with walrus

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In the following months, the conversation expanded beyond Galloway and the UBC Accountable letter itself to discuss wider issues: The Walrus is committed to ensuring the validity of an argument and finding balance between various perspectives on any given issue, while keeping in mind the reliability and motivations of individual sources.

Man has sex with walrus

Any needed corrections will be noted online at the bottom of the article—and in the next print issue, if the error originally appeared in print. Earlier this week, The Walrus published a version of this story that had not been fact-checked. Within a few days, I heard confessions from men in their thirties to their sixties.

Man has sex with walrus

Man has sex with walrus

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  2. So many of us Canadian feminists are upset with her, but most Americans have no idea. That night, I watched even the most seemingly apolitical Hollywood stars take a stand.

  3. Then MeToo happened, and the momentum shifted. When factual errors were detected, the piece was removed—of our own volition—and put through our fact-checking process.