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The constant interrogation of this myth is necessary because its consequences are affecting in serious ways the way the lived experience of women and further marginalised bodies in Lebanon is being hijacked by dominant institutions in their reiteration of patriarchal power structures. Elsa is a 23 years old woman who volunteers with 3 gender-focused NGOs. One example of this general tendency is for male and female university students, who have built friendships in the multi-confessional setting of the university, to revert to the model of patriarchal connectivity once they graduate, and to look for prospective partners who share their confessional background.

Lubnan sex

For Anne McClintock, "nationalism is a gendered discourse and cannot be understood without a theory of gender power. In her words, she says:

Lubnan sex

Lubnan sex

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  1. It is a knowledge that is learnt and deployed by dissident bodies in an intimate exercise where sex is no longer restricted to a private or procreative space. Interview with Elsa, May