Louisiana law for same sex partners

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Doing so requires a diagnosis, medical treatment and undergoing sex reassignment surgery. Currently, in Louisiana, marriage is only recognized if it is a union between an opposite sex couple. While the south is traditionally known for being more conservative, they should still strive to provide all citizens with equal rights.

Louisiana law for same sex partners

Alexandria , Baton Rouge , Lafayette , and Lake Charles along with the parish of Jefferson prohibit discrimination against public employees only. Supreme Court decision in United States v.

Louisiana law for same sex partners

Louisiana law for same sex partners

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  1. Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel on October 31 said he would insist on compliance. In Louisiana, gay rights are in serious decline.

  2. Gender identity and expression[ edit ] Transgender people are allowed to change their legal gender on their birth certificates in Louisiana. In fact, the laws are clearly discriminatory in Louisiana.

  3. Currently, the legality of domestic partnership is not being questioned. Marriage is a basic right but LGBT citizens need to fight for even the most basic rights in Louisiana, and many other states as well.

  4. In fact, the struggle for equal rights appears to be far from over in Louisiana. In Louisiana, marriage may always be an issue for the gay community.