Listing of where sex offenders work

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The department of health and the department of insurance may disclose to plans providing coverage for drugs, procedures or supplies for the treatment of erectile dysfunction pursuant to section three hundred sixty-nine-ee of the social services law or sections four thousand three hundred twenty-one, four thousand three hundred twenty-two or four thousand three hundred twenty-six of the insurance law registry information that is limited to the names, dates of birth, and social security numbers of persons who are ineligible by law to receive payment or reimbursement for specified drugs, procedures and supplies pursuant to such provisions of law. Any sex offender who fails or refuses to so comply shall be subject to the same penalties as otherwise provided for in this article which would be imposed upon a sex offender who fails or refuses to so comply with the provisions of this article on or after such effective date. The division shall accept files from any regional or national registry of sex offenders and shall make such files available when requested pursuant to the provisions of this article.

Listing of where sex offenders work

A parole or probation officer shall give one copy of the form to the sex offender and shall, within three calendar days, send two copies electronically or otherwise to the department which shall forward one copy electronically or otherwise to the law enforcement agency having jurisdiction where the sex offender resides upon his or her community supervision, probation, or local conditional release. Upon application of either party, the court shall seal any portion of the court file or record which contains material that is confidential under any state or federal statute.

Listing of where sex offenders work

Listing of where sex offenders work

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  1. In the event that the sex offender's petition to modify the level of notification is granted, the district attorney may appeal as of right from the order pursuant to the provisions of articles fifty-five, fifty-six and fifty-seven of the civil practice law and rules. The board's updated recommendation on the sex offender shall be confidential and shall not be available for public inspection.

  2. The division may charge an authorized internet entity a fee for access to registered internet identifiers requested by such entity pursuant to this subdivision.

  3. For a sex offender required to register under this article on each anniversary of the sex offender's initial registration date during the period in which he is required to register under this section the following applies: The court shall give one copy of the form to the sex offender and shall send two copies to the division which shall forward the information to the law enforcement agencies having jurisdiction.

  4. Such person shall be permitted to submit to the board any information relevant to the review. Court rulings, law changes, and simple procedures with new technology make for a constant need for crucial training.