Lip piercings and oral sex

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Angel Bites - Angel bite piercings are actually a pair of Monroe piercings; one is placed through the skin above the upper lift to the right of the philtrum, and the other is placed to the left of the philtrum. Unless you experience a piercing problem that can be remedied with a jewelry change, you should keep your starter lip ring in until your piercing is fully healed.

Lip piercings and oral sex

The solution can then be used orally and externally once it's cooled to a comfortable temperature. The biggest advantage to stretching is that you don't have to guess what gauge jewelry will look best on you. Soak a cotton ball with sea salt solution, hold it against your piercing for 30 seconds or so, throw it away, and apply a freshly-soaked cotton ball.

Lip piercings and oral sex

Lip piercings and oral sex

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  1. Lowbret piercings are placed horizontally through the skin below the lower lip, but further down than most lower lip piercings--usually immediately above the point where the inner-lower lip meets the gum line. Medusa Piercing - A horizontal upper lip piercing placed through the central upper lip tissue, called the philtrum.

  2. If you decide you don't like the look of such large gauge jewelry in your lip piercing, it will be easier for you to scale down to a smaller size if you had your lip pierced with a large gauge needle instead of having it punched. Horizontal lip piercings are typically placed on the left or right side of the lower lip; when centered, they're called labret piercings.

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