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Increasing evidence suggests that extensive experience in nonparental care during the early years may be harmful for behavioral functioning. Similarly, poor quality child care may be particularly detrimental for such children.

Lindsey chase sex and the above

We also included an indicator for whether the 2—3 year old version or the 4—18 year old version of the CBCL was used in wave 1, to control for differences in instrumentation. Negative links also emerged between the hours children were in care and their social competence; these results remained through the transition to middle childhood age 8 , but faded thereafter becoming nonsignificant by the end of middle childhood age

Lindsey chase sex and the above

Lindsey chase sex and the above

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  1. She added a fourth overall title in , including her first giant slalom victory to become the sixth woman to win a race in all four disciplines. These numbers were then averaged to create a composite measure of the extent of care that children experienced across wave 1 and wave 2 of the survey.

  2. A time 1 measure of the same child outcome that was being modeled as the dependent variable at time 3 was included as an additional covariate in the model to reduce omitted variable bias further. Including the time 1 child outcome as a covariate allows us to control for unmeasured, time-invariant differences in children that were present at the first interview Cain, ; Chase-Lansdale et al.