Kind of sex most women want

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And most of all, we want to feel like our pleasure is a priority. In fact, both sexes judge men with a high shoulder-to-hip ratio to be more physically and socially dominant.

Kind of sex most women want

The answer lies in the fact that the more masculine men, with more testosterone, tend to be less sexually faithful. You Might Also Dig: They gravitate towards male bullfrogs with deep, resonant croaks, which are a reliable signal - for frogs - of a mate's size and health.

Kind of sex most women want

Kind of sex most women want

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  1. Women see 'touchers' as having more status, a key component of a man's mate value. Revel in the pure lust this type of sex is driven by, indulge in animalistic passion, and go ahead

  2. Why a sense of humour is so important in sexual attraction has been the subject of scientific debate. And depending where you decide to drop trou and get busy, the possibility of getting caught can also bring added excitement.