Katrina kaif sexy dhoom 3

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May 25, Format: I think he was my best friend then, my only confidant. I enjoyed watching SRK while he portrayed this honorable character.

Katrina kaif sexy dhoom 3

Aditya Chopra wanted to keep the film as it was because he felt that doing otherwise would "tamper" with his father's vision. The producers also announced that the film would be released during the Diwali [a] weekend.

Katrina kaif sexy dhoom 3

Katrina kaif sexy dhoom 3

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  1. Rahman , who teamed up with Yash Chopra for the first time. But I have learnt to not be an irritant.

  2. In his swan song, the celebrated director once again proved why his legacy will be hard to match. It's also tempting to buy the soundtrack.