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The growing widespread use of medical ultrasound technology to determine the gender of newborns is thought to be one of the largest factors now affecting the girl-to-boy child sex-ratio in India. This practice of mother and baby separation can sometimes last for months at a time.

Kasmir sex

These women gave her the telephone numbers of men who were willing to pay for sex. Now Shaista has built up a regular list of clients — all men between the ages of 25 and 40 whom she meets in houses, men she relies on. Health officials like Dr.

Kasmir sex

Kasmir sex

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  1. But Punjab is not alone. Her voice is soft and her laughter rings out, echoing the jingle of the gold bangles that adorn her wrists.

  2. What began as a process for human rights in India to provide safe abortions for all women in has now seen the expansion of a growing and troubling situation at odds with the rising incidence of sex-selective abortion.