Journal of sex research november 1966

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In contrast, qualitative approaches such as interviews and focus groups tended to reveal that it survives. More specifically, young women who had a high number of sex partners were socially reprimanded for their behavior and young men were rewarded Milhausen and Herold,

Journal of sex research november 1966

The sample was drawn from the enrollment records of Lucas County, Ohio, however, school attendance was not a requirement for inclusion in the sample. For example, they noted that the peer group is an importance source of reference during adolescence, which may support or actively promote sexual activity. First, consistent with the idea of social censure stemming from the traditional double standard, do young women who report a high number of sexual partners report lower popularity or other peer deficits as a result of the double standard?

Journal of sex research november 1966

Journal of sex research november 1966

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  1. The current research uses a sample of adolescent women to examine the social consequences of reporting a greater number of sex partners.