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So a natural question should be arising is, hey, you know this guy-- let's just say that this is a relatively infrequent mutation that arises on an X chromosome-- the question is who's more likely to have hemophilia? And then your dad is going to donate either the X or the Y.

Japanese sex video xnxx com

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Japanese sex video xnxx com

Japanese sex video xnxx com

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  1. Well, the mom always donates an X chromosome, so in no way does what the haploid genetic makeup of the mom's eggs, of the gamete from the female, in no way does that determine the gender of the offspring. So let me write that down.

  2. Or for women to show it, she has to have both versions of it. It could be maybe the temperature in which the embryo develops will dictate whether it turns into a male or female or other environmental factors.

  3. But then you're like, hey, but there's so many different characteristics that differentiate a man from a woman.