Jamaica gleaner educational article on sex

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The then education minister, Ronald Thwaites, was also uncomfortable with the contents. So, if we refuse to teach them about sex and sexuality in the classroom, what are they teaching themselves and where do they get this information? Sex and Drugs or Depression?

Jamaica gleaner educational article on sex

We can't just leave everything up to informal learning and then complain about the so called lack of values and attitudes in society, particularly among the younger generation. Tweet Newly elected president of the Jamaica Association for Guidance Counsellors in Education JAGCE , Nina Dixon, raised concerns recently that several of the approximately guidance counsellors who work in schools are refusing to offer counsel to students who identify as gay or lesbian. Early childhood development has gained increasing importance as part of national agendas to achieve social and economic goals.

Jamaica gleaner educational article on sex

Jamaica gleaner educational article on sex

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  1. For example, I learned about social graces from a very tattered copy of my mother's Student Companion I found while in primary school, and a plaque in my neighbour's kitchen.