Jackson county sex offender list

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Department of Justice, it is estimated that 80 percent of all addresses in the U. Some offenders, due to risk factors, may be tested on a more frequent basis. She updates the registry "at least" three times a day, she said, adding that the number of registered offenders in the county has grown steadily over the past five years.

Jackson county sex offender list

Where are they homeless? Under state law, all convicted sex offenders must register with the sheriff's office in the county in which they will reside, even if their residence is inside a municipality.

Jackson county sex offender list

Jackson county sex offender list

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  1. Dunston said that while sex offenders are not required to register with his department, his personnel routinely monitor the sex offender registry and receive notifications when an offender registers inside the Ocean Springs zip code. While the majority are from Mississippi, they also come from at least 20 other states, including as far away as Washington, California, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Colorado, New Mexico and Nevada.

  2. Moss Point Police Chief Art McClung told The Mississippi Press he was unaware of the number of sex offenders in Moss Point, but he also noted it's likely not all are actually residing inside the city limits. Those who don't are generally living at their childhood or family homes.

  3. Notify local law enforcement of all new sex offenders in surrounding jurisdictions. Once all requirements with the sheriff's office are met, the offender must go to a Department of Public Safety office where he or she is issued an ID card which they must carry on their person at all times.

  4. Eight of the offenders are women. Jackson County also ranks fourth in sex offenders per capita, with one offender for every residents.