Is sex safe during menstruation

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He can just wipe it off. The average amount of blood released during menstruation is between 30 and 40ml. Your bleed is not the same as a normal period, but is a simulation of it.

Is sex safe during menstruation

Many women actually experience a heightened sense of libido just before and during their periods, as the body receives a rush of oestrogen and testosterone. Unprotected sex during your bleed on the pill Provided you take your combined contraceptive pill exactly as prescribed, you can safely have unprotected sex at any point, including your bleed. You should avoid taking more than two packs of the pill back-to-back, as this can lead to uncomfortable side-effects.

Is sex safe during menstruation

Is sex safe during menstruation

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  1. The tablet contains a synthetic version of the hormone progesterone, which stops your uterus lining from breaking down and thus delays your period.

  2. The 24 emotional stages of faking an orgasm 3. If you are comfortable with it, having sex on your period can be safe, natural and enjoyable for both partners.