Is sex good for exercise

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The researchers noted that the sexual intensity of sexual activity in their group six METs in men was much higher than those found in previous studies reporting three to four METS. In fact, no-one has accurately measured how many calories are expended during sex.

Is sex good for exercise

Having sex in the morning is a great idea for several reasons. Even the most hopping sex life cannot replace other kinds of exercise in your life.

Is sex good for exercise

Is sex good for exercise

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  1. This was based on a comparison with results from other studies presented in their discussion; it was not tested directly so it is unclear how accurate this estimate is.

  2. The sex was also likely to be more energetic than usual because people knew they were being monitored. Perceived energy expenditure during sexual activity was similar in men calories and in women

  3. And there are a range of other health benefits that come from sex, as we reveal below. The oft-cited statistic that "sex burns to calories per session" is more overstatement than science.