Is pedro soler a sex offender

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Defendant was sentenced to CSL under the pre amendments to N. We remand to the PCR judge to reconsider these issues in light of our Supreme Court's recent decision in Perez, supra.

Is pedro soler a sex offender

During the two week trial in Elizabeth, jurors heard from the victim who courageously recounted the attack and identified Soler in court. Before us, defendant argues he presented a prima facie case of IAC such that an evidentiary hearing was appropriate.

Is pedro soler a sex offender

Is pedro soler a sex offender

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  1. As Judge Moynihan noted, defendant asserted no specific claim of deficient performance and trial counsel achieved an exemplary result. Therefore, the PCR judge should reconsider whether defendant's sentencing and appellate counsel were deficient by conceding and not raising the mandatory extended term sentence issue, and whether defendant's sentence is illegal.

  2. Here, defendant contends that his trial attorney was ineffective by failing to cross-examine C.