Is lube needed for anal sex

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If you find yourself clamping, pause, and possibly try to bear-down a little, like you do when you poop, it relaxes the sphincter. My suggestion for lube is to lube anything that will come into contact with something else. Add lube to his shaft as needed.

Is lube needed for anal sex

Also, it's OK to stop if it's not going well. Here are some ground rules before you make a pass at the rear door: And just so you keep it clean — encourage a shower-for-two before you get into bed.

Is lube needed for anal sex

Is lube needed for anal sex

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  1. If you pull out too fast, not only will you make a mess, but it could be painful for her, too.

  2. And it's not just a matter of getting lube in all of those places, but in relaxing all of the associated areas. Cleanliness is always an issue with anal sex.