Is having sex in the pool bad

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I believe you said in The Gleaner that a man who is in my situation could sue his wife, and also sue the father of the child. Without exception, they all said that underwater sex was OK.

Is having sex in the pool bad

I have never used tampons. As it relates to sex, you probably won't be able to feel the ring during intercourse.

Is having sex in the pool bad

Is having sex in the pool bad

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  1. Last, you ask about conceiving a baby under the water. But I urge you to think hard about the welfare of that little boy, who presumably still believes that he is your son.

  2. I have never been consulted by a couple who found that the ring caused them any problems with their sex life.

  3. Again, I asked the gynaecologists about that and they said that there was no problem, and that the water could not get anywhere near the site of conception, or affect the child in any way.