Intention to leave commercial sex work

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Does it use Methadone? It's very important, for me and for other people…to realize, to open their eyes and see the reality, that this is happening around us…There are some [sex workers] who come and start asking or telling me what happens to them…the girls who work with these people [traffickers], well there's authority, they have to deal with it, there are some who come back all beat up, that they did this and that to them.

Intention to leave commercial sex work

They're hungry, cold, you know - some sort of service to help us take it easy. Not having been offered shelter, food, or other support to assist her transition to life in Mexico, she reflected on how provision of such resources could have assisted her and others facing similar situations:

Intention to leave commercial sex work

Intention to leave commercial sex work

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  1. In conjunction with previous research indicating the pervasive impacts of violence, trauma, and limited economic opportunities on risk of HIV and susceptibility to sexual exploitation [3] , [45] , these data highlight the critical need for interventions addressing structural risks e. Huda S Sex trafficking in South Asia.

  2. Future scholarship and program development aimed at the design, testing, and implementation of trauma programs are recommended to promote HIV prevention and the broader wellbeing of sex workers who have experienced prior exploitation.