Infidelity with the same sex

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How did it start? They feel "alive" again and many believe they have found their soul mates. However, prudence is required in regard to amount of time discussing the affair.

Infidelity with the same sex

How did it start? He or she is no longer treated as a special gift from God and as one's best friend, but, instead, as an enemy who has inflicted great pain upon them.

Infidelity with the same sex

Infidelity with the same sex

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  1. While a wife's love is wonderful and strong, however, it cannot enter into the childhood and adolescent stage of development when the damage to male confidence occurred and heal the male identity wound.

  2. If the couple have children, it is of extreme importance that the couple tries first to resurrect the marriage before they plan a separation.

  3. Finally, selfishness, the major enemy of marital love, can be difficult to face but, it is a leading cause of marital infidelity.