Indie sex taboos tv show ifc

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The rest showed snippets of 'naughty' little sexy bits and pieces of films from the past 80 years, interspersed with observations from those inescapable talking heads -- legions of critics and film historians, bolstered by actors and directors, all offering opinions that can be either interesting or positively banal, depending on your tolerance level. If this had been the expressed central purpose of the flick, it still wouldn't have been great, but at least it would have been honest. Gold, for example, notes that the sex scene in The Terminator was nearly worn through in his family's VHS copy; but both he and his straight brothers were watching the same scene for entirely different reasons.

Indie sex taboos tv show ifc

From a strictly queer perspective, the series — which is not focused on gay film, after all — is actually far more gay-inclusive than most documentaries on general cinema. Put the word 'sex' in a title, and we come running.

Indie sex taboos tv show ifc

Indie sex taboos tv show ifc

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  1. The film really isn't about sex as such, but more of an examination of sexual mores inspired and influenced by movies.

  2. We're all suckers, it seems. Well, not entirely crushed; after all, half of the fun of their project was getting to watch the dirty bits again.

  3. This week IFC premieres their four-part documentary series titled Indie Sex, which succeeds best as a similar guide to the pinkest bits of cinematic sin.