Impotence as a defense sex crime

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Moreover, assuming arguendo that he was indeed impotent since , it does not discount the possibility that his erection was cured by drugs like Viagra or Ciales. On March 11, , this Court required the parties to submit supplemental briefs if they so desired. It merely corroborates his assertion that he is currently sexually impotent, and not that he has been so since

Impotence as a defense sex crime

This contradicts Cruzs claim that it was impossible for him to have raped AAA because of his medical condition. There was simply no proof of his alleged impotency on June 6, when the beastly act of rape was committed against AAA. In some states, the presumption is that boys under 14 years old are physically incapable of committing the crime of rape or assault to commit rape.

Impotence as a defense sex crime

Impotence as a defense sex crime

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  1. Voluntary intoxication is not considered a valid defense to the charge of rape, or an assault with intent to commit rape in the U. However, evidence can show that a slight penetration occurred, even though a defendant was impotent and had no erection at time of act[iv].