Ilicit sex in the 1920s

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Ovaries, uterus womb , vagina, Fallopian tubes, and vulva will be sufficient. An interesting proposition that might still find a good many female supporters today. In sexual intimacies, there is a discharge of this creative fluid from the body of the man, but where there is a full response on the part of the wife, there seems to be an exchange of magnetism or energy which makes up for the loss.

Ilicit sex in the 1920s

At that point, Long was working as a staff writer at Vanity Fair, and before that at Vogue. Long would ultimately round out a long, successful career of fashion reporting in , when she finally left The New Yorker.

Ilicit sex in the 1920s

Ilicit sex in the 1920s

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  1. Researchers began looking at sex in the s. Those who counsel such unenlightenment are unconsciously guilty of cruelty.

  2. So the idea of washing — or douching — your vagina with disinfectant just sounds ridiculous, right?