I think anal sex is dirty

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I think anal sex is dirty

Every day the lunch lady gives you an apple and an orange, and then tells you not to eat the orange. But after years of that orange staring you right in the face, of watching other people eat their oranges and love them, you just want to eat the fucking orange and see what all the fuss is about. It will be dangerous.

I think anal sex is dirty

I think anal sex is dirty

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  1. It also means no chance of babies either. Anal intercourse can be perfectly healthy and safe.

  2. We still have the log ride! The fucked up part is that I could sense it was actually important to him—like he would be measuring my affection in anal terms—so I bounced out of the relationship for good.

  3. I was absolutely mortified and I will never do it again in my life. Any links, whether to other subreddits or to external websites, must conform to our link policy.