I smell sex in the air

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Prospective punters are promised cold beer, well drinks, hot girls and good times 'It's going to be Mabel's Whore House Bar and Grill. We're going to have the brothel tour from the inside of it.

I smell sex in the air

The brothel has no outside windows, perfect for keeping out prying eyes Indulgent: Mirrors adorn this room Read more:

I smell sex in the air

I smell sex in the air

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  1. Although closed for some years, Hirsch said you could still smell 'sex in the air' 'A cable wire hangs from a shelf that once held a TV set playing porno movies.

  2. Photographer Steven Hirsch described the brothel as eerie and surreal Spacious: The walls in the rooms are blank so as not to distract anyone from their intended use History: