I like my sex ban

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It is or was a space infinitely more tolerant and diverse than the rest of the porn world. With each step towards the bedroom, I list my original reasons: Banning sex is also misguided because research confirms that having sex that you want to have can boost rather than diminish libido.

I like my sex ban

In more mainstream websites such as Bustle and Refinery29 , and even the Telegraph , began writing about female-friendly porn Tumblrs. Jo Broughton Last week Tumblr announced that from 17 December the platform would no longer be hosting pornography of any kind on its site. I feel the unstoppable, selfish urge to will him to come upstairs with me.

I like my sex ban

I like my sex ban

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  1. It received praise as a space for gender transition stories as well as a place for queer sexual identities.

  2. And while alternative sites are available and gaining traction, the reality is that in the current anti-porn climate, and the ubiquity of the Apple App Store, it will be difficult to have the same widespread impact as Tumblr had. Its carefully curated content offered a more positive vision of sex to these women, one predicated on body positivity, diversity, female pleasure, and often intimacy.