Husband and wife sex chart

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The pillow can also provide a support system in case the husband tires from his initial position. Performing such an act requires so much vulnerability.

Husband and wife sex chart

The kneel As the name implies, you and your husband will be in a kneeling position facing each other. Sex is one of the most wonderful and intimate activities that you and your spouse can share.

Husband and wife sex chart

Husband and wife sex chart

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  1. The woman sits straddling him facing her husband. Let your husband carry you, as you drape your arms over his shoulders and your legs over his hips.

  2. Regardless of who is right and who is wrong, the sexual entitlement here is pretty undeniable.

  3. In column A he recorded the date June 3 to July 16 ; in column B he included the response yes or no and in column C he wrote down the excuse his wife used against having sex on a particular night. This twist offers deeper penetration, which is good for when you are trying to conceive.