Humans and giraffes having sex

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Aside from praziquantel, there are other anti-cestodal drugs out there that have some activity against many of the parasitic tapeworms, including Taenia, infesting dogs and cats. In galloping or fast running the two front legs leave the ground one immediately after the other, then the two back legs. The intermediate host animalconsumes the tapeworm eggs, thereby becoming infested, by eating the contaminated pasture contained within this forest orfarmland setting.

Humans and giraffes having sex

The inner lining of the cyst or 'bladder' is called a "germinal lining". This theory is in its early stages and LeVay mourns that although it is reasonable and deserves to be tested, it is still "pure speculation" and that the media have massively exaggerated its current importance, and that there is also some evidence specifically against this explanation of homosexuality

Humans and giraffes having sex

Humans and giraffes having sex

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  1. The reason why families with a tendency to sometimes produce gay offspring are not slowly outperformed in the genetic pool is because the gay members lend effective support to their families as a whole, thus indirectly spreading 'gay' genes

  2. It appears that the practice of aggregating gives protection, favouring those members of the species that are the most active contributors to the gene pool thus the most available to natural selection , since the individuals most frequently taken by predators are old, solitary males, males maintaining territories, and animals of either sex separated from the herd. A dead animal produces no meat, wool or milk and is a financialloss.

  3. Side note - Praziquantel also kills Schistosoma - an important parasite of humans, which causes a terrible, often fatal, liver condition called bilharzia common in third world countries. Its range includes parts of Uganda and Kenya.