Hubby is too tired for sex

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Interestingly, separate equals exciting. Therapy is often the best way for couples to work out these fears. Where is the logic in that?

Hubby is too tired for sex

Men, she says, are just as likely as women to be the member of the couple with the low sex drive -- although they are less likely to admit it. My life would be different.

Hubby is too tired for sex

Hubby is too tired for sex

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  1. My life would be different. I can let off steam by A driving around at night and bashing in strangers mailboxes or B I can get down and dirty with that one guy I married that one time.

  2. As we see from his wife's many excuses, in a marriage sex is always rescheduled rather than refused. Everyone feels pressured by this must-have-sex dynamic, which can be suffocating and cause relationship issues.

  3. I can hardly undress in front of a mirror, let alone in front of him. As in the movie, the conversation focuses on sex.

  4. Given the Zeitgeist, it would be easy to assume that more of us are having more sex more of the time. Although, heaven knows an era in which low rise jeans did not exist is basically alright by me.