How to use a sex sling

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Use a sling as a tool in your power game, or just for achieving crazy positions. Make sure to choose a sling with wider straps, padded stirrups, and a neck cushion; that will make it extra comfy. Nothing brings the spark back as a new sex toy.

How to use a sex sling

With a sling, you can discover interesting new positions without the help of your yoga instructor. Jess O'Reilly, Astroglide's resident sexologist.

How to use a sex sling

How to use a sex sling

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  1. You want this to be a fun experience and a boon to your sex life, so don't rush the set-up. Sex swings combine two of the most fun things on earth you guessed it, sex and swings.

  2. Here are a few sex positions perfect for doing in a swing. Also, when you become a pro, consider sex sling accessories to make things even more exciting.