How to tell sex of cockatiels

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The body color is a very pale cinnamon suffused with yellow, the face yellow and the eyes red. To visually sex a cockatiel, it must have gone through its first molt. This test is non-invasive, requiring nothing more than a drop of blood or some plucked feathers, and can be performed for any age bird [source:

How to tell sex of cockatiels

The "term" pearly refers to the lacings or pearl spots of yellow or white on the backs, nape, and wings. Even if mating isn't a concern, knowing the sex of your cockatiel is useful. Cockatiels Female cockatiels are generally sweet and reserved, while the males do most of the chirping.

How to tell sex of cockatiels

How to tell sex of cockatiels

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  1. The pearled feathers are yellow edged with the various shades of cinnamon. On a male, the cheek patch contrasts against a face mask, which is a different color from the rest of the body.

  2. The bird is clear yellow or white, with areas of grey over the rest of the body. Still, they typically have enough to make some sexing possible.