How to tell a chicks sex

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Successful development of this technique depends on the capability of the students and their level of experience. This can happen anywhere from 12 to 30 weeks of age. You will notice the combs extending directly above the head.

How to tell a chicks sex

This can happen anywhere from 12 to 30 weeks of age. However, if you choose to do it yourself, make sure to be gentle with the chick. Red Stars, for example, are a sex link breed.

How to tell a chicks sex

How to tell a chicks sex

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  1. Hold the chick in your hand and apply light pressure to its abdomen until the chick defecates. In these cases, the male will have a larger, round center bead.

  2. At that time, their secondary sex characteristics begin to appear, making it possible for anyone with a minimal amount of training to sex a chicken.