How to stop sexual performance anxiety

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This part will focus on giving tips for men and some for women to learn how to overcome sexual performance anxiety naturally. On the other hand, sexual performance anxiety is also a side effect of several anxiety medications; and the anxiety over sexual performance seems to be much more popular in those people who have never made love before, usually due to the pressure they put on themselves to perform.

How to stop sexual performance anxiety

Even when you are with a person who you find really sexual appealing, worrying about whether you can please your partner might make it impossible for you to do that. Fact is, you know better than your partner does about what will really work for you and what will not. The way to get over sexual disorders is working with your partner, taking your own time, and stopping judging yourself harshly.

How to stop sexual performance anxiety

How to stop sexual performance anxiety

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  1. In reality, societal pressure is considered as one of the most popular causes of performance anxiety.