How to spot sex offenders

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The Child Sex Offender Disclosure Scheme Sarah's law allows members of the public to make a request that the police investigate a person. Y Z Q Can you tell me if there are any registered sex offenders in my area and about Sarah's law?

How to spot sex offenders

If information is disclosed, the applicant will be required to sign a confidentiality agreement and be subject to sanctions should any unlawful disclosure be made. The relative wealth of the offender coupled with lack of understanding or absence of legislation, means that the abuse of children is easier in these countries.

How to spot sex offenders

How to spot sex offenders

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  1. Whilst the police have a duty to explore the request, there is no requirement for the police to disclose any information and all requests for information about named individuals will be discussed by the police, probation and safeguarding children staff in order to determine whether the release of information will provide additional protection for the child ren in question.

  2. The applicant will be invited to an interview with the police where matters will be enquired into further.

  3. If you have any concerns over the activities of a local resident then you should speak to your local neighbourhood policing team.