How to sex in shower

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Try investing in a cushy bathmat so you can both get the most out of this experience. Ensuring the air is also warm will keep both of you in the moment, rather than wishing you could wrap yourself in a towel.

How to sex in shower

Have her hold onto a rail, shower door, or grip while standing and enter her from behind. Where you should be standing… What to hold on to… And a safe place to put your feet and hands. Sit down on the floor of the tub and have her straddle your lap, facing you, for an intense girl-on-top move.

How to sex in shower

How to sex in shower

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  1. She probably imagines a situation where her hair and makeup look flawless, you glide easily inside of her, and everything is warm and romantic.

  2. You should also make sure you at least have a bath mat laid down on the tub floor to prevent slipping and sliding. Try rubbing the gel around some of your favorite spots on your woman:

  3. So instead of a condom, try using a different means of birth control or STI prevention ahead of time.

  4. Working up to sex in the shower can be a little different than sex in a bed, so there are a few more things you should keep in mind. Maybe the water starts to get too cold, or you lose momentum halfway through, for example.