How to sex an adult duck

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Although young Muscovy drakes and hens are very similar in size and appearance, as they age, males grow noticeably larger than females and have more elaborate and bulbous facial masks caruncles with a large "bean" over the center of their bill. A duck without freckles could be either male or female.

How to sex an adult duck

If you see any curled tail feathers, you are most likely looking at a drake. They sometimes even have a slight whistle until they reach full maturity.

How to sex an adult duck

How to sex an adult duck

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  1. Sexing a Duck by the Curl of its Tail The voice of a duck is the most accurate indicator of gender, but if a duck is out of earshot, or just plain refuses to talk, you can sometimes determine their sex by the appearance of their tail feathers. This tends to occur when there are no drakes in the flock.