How to sex a guinea fowl

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I hope this helps you when trying to determine the sex of your Guinea fowl. Guineas get spooked a lot!

How to sex a guinea fowl

The keets remain with their mother until they are almost full grown. The female guinea does have 1 unique call though and it is quite distinct, but unless you know what to listen for you might not recognize it. This article is here to explain a couple of ways you can accurately sex them.

How to sex a guinea fowl

How to sex a guinea fowl

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  1. When the birds are old than 2 months of age, you can tell what sex the bird is by listening to its call.

  2. Most of the time, the first syllable will be short while the second one will be long and rising in pitch. The female makes a two syllable call - it sounds like "buck-wheat" "buck-wheat".