How to save a sexless marriage

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In most cases, a lack of intimacy in a relationship can lead to people growing apart. Sharing their secret fantasies and fetishes helps in the bedroom but it also builds a stronger sense of connection, which fosters deeper intimacy.

How to save a sexless marriage

The best way to open up a dialogue with your partner about their sexual desires is by shopping for sex toys together. I tell couples to have a heart-to-heart with each other.

How to save a sexless marriage

How to save a sexless marriage

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  1. Photodisc via Getty Images Add sex to your calendar and consider creating "sex menus" based on what you like. Below, sex therapists share seven pieces of advice that have worked for real couples they've counseled through the years.

  2. You need to be equally interested in making sure your partner is enjoying themselves as well. Once you have heard what their problems are, you both can make strides to fix them.