How to make a sex sling

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You want this to be a fun experience and a boon to your sex life, so don't rush the set-up. Portable Gay Sex Slings Portable sex slings use your partners body as the frame, making them able to be used almost anywhere. Nothing beats the aesthetics of leather, and the durability in unmatched.

How to make a sex sling

But aside from sex swings being a really fun, seemingly genius invention, why else should you and your partner try one out? To find out more, please read our complete terms of use.

How to make a sex sling

How to make a sex sling

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  1. Plus it's really easy to take down and stick in the closet. However when it comes down to actually using a sex sling - the best gay sex sling hands down or even hand's free is a leather sex sling.

  2. Just be aware of the weight restrictions. This setup can also be a bit pricy — but not as much as the stand alone sex swing.