How to learn oral sex

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Your tongue and mouth are better put to use on the outside of her vagina, while your fingers work the inside. You could spend hours and hours reading about the different techniques people use and the best positions for it, but nothing will beat hands on experience.

How to learn oral sex

Some prefer to get their partner to come on their body, while others want it in their mouths. The clitoris is the incredible sensitive, and contains over 6, nerve endings, as R. Here are some suggestions for you to try.

How to learn oral sex

How to learn oral sex

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  1. This can help you get into the right position for the finish, whatever position you decide that is. One of the first things you need to do, as Molly Triffin explains, is separate oral sex from foreplay.

  2. When it comes to the right techniques to use, small circles on her clitoris or moving your tongue lightly from side to side can help a lot.