How to give a guy the best sex ever

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We curse, we scream for god, we… well, we say a lot of weird things that I'm sure no one wants me bring up right now. Obviously, you want to be his 1. It makes us blush and feel goofy.

How to give a guy the best sex ever

Instead, it could just be in the heat of the moment. Most men prefer to go first until they are sweaty and tired.

How to give a guy the best sex ever

How to give a guy the best sex ever

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  1. His Neck Veins, as well as a major artery, run relatively close to the surface of the skin in his neck, making it extremely sensitive to your touch.

  2. Also, if he offers to massage you or rub your feet after, this could be another sign you're his best.

  3. When you go down on him, nuzzle the area with your lips and tongue, or use lube to massage it with your fingers, pressing firmly to stimulate the prostate gland. Yes, it does, but some girls are experts in riding their men and can ride any dick irrespective of its size.

  4. There is nothing that turns on a guy than a woman who is horny and asks for sex first. The rhythm of this kind of music can be influential on the way you are riding your man.