How to fix sex problems in a relationship

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Make your bedroom a technology-free zone. Ask what you can do to help your partner power down without powering out.

How to fix sex problems in a relationship

Some studies indicate that as many as 50 percent of people on SSRIs suffer from a markedly reduced sex drive. Others are so focused on immediate concerns -- such as a stressful job or a family crisis, that they put off dealing with the loss of a healthy libido.

How to fix sex problems in a relationship

How to fix sex problems in a relationship

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  1. One tiny pill Years ago, another sexual problem " erectile dysfunction " received a sudden burst of attention when a medical "cure" hit the shelves. Obviously, any pill that relieves hypoactive sexual desire would be wildly popular.

  2. In women, some experts believe that one cause of weak sexual desire is, ironically, low testosterone levels.

  3. Still others have become so used to having no sex drive that they no longer miss it; they lack the desire for desire. Researchers believe that SSRIs quash the libido by flooding the bloodstream with serotonin, a chemical that signals satiety.

  4. And once these issues threaten a healthy sex drive, lack of intimacy can aggravate the problems further. Without a healthy level of testosterone in the blood, some researchers believe, women are unable to properly respond to sexual stimuli.

  5. Jeffrey Winters, formerly with Discover magazine, is a science writer based in New York. Here are eight of the most common complaints I hear from couples, along with suggestions to turn a partner's frown upside down.