How to feel good during sex

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Get Into Your Body When women first start engaging in sex, we usually go quickly into trying to connect with and please our partners before we even connect to ourselves and our own body. The videos and images that turn us on the most don't come from porn, they come from highly erotic but non-pornographic movies. Here are some of the solutions I share with them that I think will help you have a more pleasurable sex life too.

How to feel good during sex

Get Your Head in the Game If you really want to get hot during sex you can begin feeding yourself with images and stories that get your juices flowing. Or show him or her what feels best by putting your hand over theirs, guiding them to the spot and showing them how to mimic the motions. The most common culprits:

How to feel good during sex

How to feel good during sex

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  1. If we don't get worried or preoccupied when it goes down, it can come right back up! Sometimes pain or discomfort is to blame.

  2. Women get aroused much more from the psychological aspects of a scene or plot and much less by certain body parts moving in and out of other body parts. You may need to close your eyes at first to really feel your body.