How to discipline with sex

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Pain is a signal our body sends us when we are damaged; it is not something that average people learn to seek out as a sexual thrill unless the alarming aspects of this powerful signal have been previously muddled together with pleasure during childhood. Bondage materials range from the commonly available to the homemade to the professionally manufactured and sold.

How to discipline with sex

The power exchange involved in having a submissive capitulate to the will of the dominant and in having the dominant take responsibility for the safety and pleasure of the submissive can be highly exciting to both parties, even when sexual intercourse or genital stimulation does not form part of the bondage and discipline play. Bondage and discipline in the strictest sense, however, is much more likely to be limited to the BDSM community, a loose conglomeration of individuals and institutions that self-identify as participating in sadomasochistic sexual play.

How to discipline with sex

How to discipline with sex

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