How to become a sex surrogate

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Experiential learning also generates significant personal enrichment for most trainees. Trainers guide class participants through a series of structured relaxation, communication, and sensual awareness exercises. What will motivate them?

How to become a sex surrogate

Sometimes the work was challenging, sometimes engaging, sometimes arousing Andy, a former sexual surrogate Andy, 50, is a psychosexual therapist who also worked as a surrogate for a number of years. I switched gears and have been doing surrogate work for at least eight years. I also work with transgender people, mostly trans women, but one time I worked with a trans man on how to give and receive pleasure using his surgically constructed phallus.

How to become a sex surrogate

How to become a sex surrogate

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  1. The surrogate usually forms a treatment plan with a sex therapist, who has separate talk therapy sessions with the client. I would sometimes ask, 'Why did I do that to myself?