How much fat does sex burn

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But be careful, because this position is apparently one of the most dangerous sex positions for women as it can cause vaginal tears. Healthy heart According to an American Journal of Cardiology study , men who had sex at least twice a week were less likely to develop heart disease, as compared to men who only had sex once per month.

How much fat does sex burn

Strengthening these muscles supports control over bodily functions such as urination. Getty However, during 30 minutes of sex men burned calories and women 69, burning an average of 3.

How much fat does sex burn

How much fat does sex burn

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  1. Getty Some sex positions are better than others for feeling that burn, and varying your positions is a great, fun way to tone different muscle groups and keep limbs lean and flexible. Missionary can also provide a good bum workout if you squeeze your glutes while thrusting.